MoJo Consulting was founded on a mission of partnership. We are a full-service telecommunications consulting and brokerage firm that has partnerships with and access to the services of hundreds of providers globally.

We collaborate with our clients to problem solve and find the best solutions to their connectivity needs. Being carrier and hardware neutral gives MoJo the advantage of only representing the needs of our clientele.

From dedicated internet access to transpacific IP transport, MoJo’s local presence with global reach gives our clients access to the most advanced telecommunications services available.

Industry Experts

With over two decades of experience providing high-quality solutions to our clients, we have the skill and expertise to give you exceptional care.


MoJo provides you with high-performance solutions that fit your specific business needs.

A Trusted Partner

With MoJo, you can rest easy knowing that we will always find you the right solutions, systems, and software to meet your business’s requirements.

Client Experience

MoJo’s outstanding customer service experience provides you with assurance and reliability that sets us apart from the competition.

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